Envirocron Application Process

The video shows the PPG Envirocron Powder Coatings Application Process:

Superior edge coverage in just one coat. PPG ENVIROCRON™ Extreme Protection Edge is a breakthrough innovation and the newest addition to PPG’s world-class line of polyester powder coatings. Envirocron™ Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings provide extreme corrosion protection in one coat.

This patent-pending technology is specially formulated to cover sharp edges created during metal fabrication, offering superior corrosion protection over standard one-coat and two-coat systems.

This one-coat Edge solution translates to significant cost savings in material, labor, utilities and time. In addition to long-term performance, Envirocron™ Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings offer outstanding transfer efficiency and ease of application. Find out more about the application process and learn more at


Powder Coating Benefits 

PPG Powder coatings are typically applied electrostatically and then oven cured at around 356°F (180°C). The end result is a hard finish that is often tougher than most conventional liquid coatings. Powder can be applied to both steel and aluminum substrates and used for a wide variety of applications and end-use industries such as automotive parts, outdoor furniture, home appliances, heavy-duty agricultural equipment, office furniture and architectural aluminum. Learn more at


PPG 2024 Color Of The Year And Trends

Each year, PPG conducts year-long, in-depth research on all the factors that are known to influence the emergence of certain colors. This research allows our color expert team to identify the macro trends that are in common in countries around the world, taking into consideration how colors and shades are perceived differently across cultures.