Innovation in Powder


  • HTE (High Transfer Efficiency) Coating
    • PPG ENVIROCRON® HTE coatings are engineered to provide excellent adhesion and durability even in difficult-to-coat surfaces commonly seen in architectural aluminum extrusion products with complex patterns, recessed cavities and tubular shapes.
  • Dielectric Coating
    • PPG ENVIROCRON® Extreme Protection dielectric powder coating enables electric vehicle manufacturers to maintain battery safety and address problems known by the industry to shorten battery life.
  • Dual Coating
    • PPG ENVIROCRON® Dual-coat Powder spring technology has benchmark corrosion performance, delivering fifteen-year corrosion specification on high-tensile springs.
  • High Edge Coating
    • PPG ENVIROCRON® Extreme Protection Edge is an advanced powder coating system that delivers superior protection in extreme environments – even for sharp edges, louvers, blades, mesh and other vulnerable, hard-to-cover features. One-coat powder saving time, money and labor.
  • Heat Sensitive Substrate
    • PPG ENVIROCRON® Pronto powder coatings for heat-sensitive wood and wood-composite substrates. These coatings – coupled with a perfected, strictly regimented application and curing process – overcome the traditional barriers to powder coating wood.
  • Retroreflective Powder 
    • PPG ENVIROCRON® LUM powder was created after PPG scientists found a way to embed reflective glass beads at the surface of a powder coating to reflect maximum light back to its source. In addition to its safety enhancing features, the formulation provides all the benefits you expect from PPG powder, including resistance to corrosion, chipping and abrasion. 
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