Innovation in Powder - HTE

PPG ENVIROCRON® HTE coatings are engineered to provide excellent adhesion and durability even in difficult-to-coat surfaces commonly seen in architectural aluminum extrusion products with complex patterns, recessed cavities and tubular shapes. Check out our full collection of HTE products.

Available in durable and ultra-durable proprietary formulations, this innovation helps to increase output while reducing material usage, energy consumption and maintenance costs with first-pass transfer rates of up to 85 percent.


  • Waste saving – up to 85% first-pass transfer rates
  • Energy saving 10-minute cure @ 350°F / 177°C
  • Reduced coating film thickness while maintaining high quality
  • Improved wrapping on complex parts and shapes
  • Improved powder film thickness control
  • Ample gloss range (@60, 15 to 95)
  • Durable and Ultradurable formulations

Suggested End Uses

  • Complex parts/patterns
  • Wired goods: baskets
  • Shopping carts
  • Metal shelving
  • Patio furniture

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