Innovation in Powder - Heat Sensitive Substrate

PPG ENVIROCRON® HeatSense powder coatings for heat-sensitive wood and wood-composite substrates. These coatings – coupled with a perfected, strictly regimented application and curing process – overcome the traditional barriers to powder coating wood.

Engineered to complement the latest advances in low-bake cure technology, PPG Envirocron HeatSense coatings enable manufacturers of wood, wood-composite substrates and dense, oversized metals to realize the sustainability benefits of powder coatings while producing goods with the greater toughness and durability that powder coatings typically provide.



  • Hardness and scratch resistance
  • Durable protection from heat, moisture, physical impacts and UV light
  • Delivers aesthetics and functionality
  • Available in a wide range of RAL and custom colors, glosses and textures
  • Cost-effective, compact, low-waste, high-output, automated application technology
  • No edge-banding allows for application on curved and straight parts which may reduce labor costs
  • Seamless coverage aids in ease of cleaning

Suggested End Uses

  • Office furniture
  • Cabinetry and casework
  • Building and construction
  • Store fixtures and point-of-purchase (POP) displays
  • Heat-sensitive and oversized metals

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